About Me

Hello! My name is Jacob Holes, and I am in need of work! I recently quit my job as a Xerox Installer, which was not the best move on my part. I had to do it, truth be told. I suffer from bi-polar depression and anxiety. I have been down this road before, getting over stressed, losing my mind, forgetting even the most basic of things, getting more behind, getting more stressed. This time I tried to preempt it before it got to critical mass. I am still in the process of seeing my doctors, getting my medication adjusted, and recovering from my self destruction.

As part of my recovery, I am working on my website. I have a few other side projects going on, and I am also seeking part-time employment that will allow me to see my doctors without interfering with appointment times (that's not the easiest thing to find...).

So enough about my situation, more about me. Let's start with some quick facts:

I have worked as an "IT Guy" for quite a few years, and during my time as a Xerox Installer I coordinated with various IT departments at various companies to assist them with troubleshooting and setup of their Xerox Multifunction Device with their existing technologies. As an "IT Guy" I was in charge of setup and maintenance of PCs, tablets, servers, and the occasional cell phone booster. I ordered parts, whole machines, software, and facilitated the training of new and existing devices.