I have worked on a few minor project over the years, most mainly just for myself. The first of which was a simple way to keep track of devices on my network, I called it "Server Watch." Not the most creative of names nor of projects, but it did what I needed it to and so I released it into the wild. The current interation has a few issues and I need to remake it once again, since I lost my source code in a hard drive failure.

My next project was, again, not too inspired. I called it "Weather Manager," and it was a simple RSS fed weather program. The RSS feed has since been modified and the application is mostly broken, but it is still avalible at CNET's Download.com.

My most recent serious project that has been released is "SuperSoundboard." It is a very basic, but well made media playing application. It was designed for podcasting and the like. You can drag a file onto one of the 10 avalible buttons, assign a shortcut key via putting an ampersand (&) infront of the character you want to assign as the shortcut. Then you press and hold the ALT key and tap the shortcut key. I spent a long time on the interface, but it could still be improved. Again, my source code was lost in a hard drive failure and I have not remade it.

Current Projects

Fleet Maintainence 1
Fleet Maintainence 2

At present, I am working on two things:

A Fleet Maintainence Manager
A follow up to "SuperSoundboard"

The Fleet Maintainence Manager is my crowning achievement of programming. A lot of sweat and tears have gone into its development and I am excited to release it here within the next year. I had plans to have it finished by last October, but life happened. I have plans to license it out and distribute it both online and in-stores.

The "SuperSoundboard" follow up will take what the original did right and add so much more. Playlists, remote control, and increased compatibility with less common audio formats.
Stay tuned for more.